“John is a highly skilled individual that has proven himself countless times when it comes to strategizing course of action routes for business marketing. His ability to think critically and utilize wide scope perspective during his analyses will certainly boost any company’s bottom line. Expect comprehensive results to be delivered in a timely manner. This guy will not let you down!”

— Brian Day

“John is a individual that is highly adept to working with many different kinds of industries. His team was able to give me the information, insight and knowledge I needed moving forward with my project. I am extremely pleased to have found John and his team. They made huge positive changes for the for-mentioned project. Thanks Metonymy Marketing Strategies for all your hard work!”

— Sam B

“John is an operations guru and knows how to create a strong presence in any field. Great visions and knew exactly how to execute what I was looking for. They saved me quite a lot of money and time by working with them. They have the know how and experience to efficiently market to your demographic by creating a nuanced bespoke package for their customers.”

— Daniel Ready

“John was instrumental from day 1 of my campaign for mayor. He managed all of the digital resources including building the website, social media and organizing volunteers and driving voters to our campaign. He is as apt on the front end details as he is in developing a functional backend database and cart. I highly recommend John.

My campaign for Mayor of Shreveport used Metonymy Marketing Strategies for all of our IT and social media needs. Metonymy Marketing Strategies was exceptional in providing professional and strategic services to propel the campaign from a grass roots, politically unaffiliated organization to the main contender in the runoff. I highly recommend John to deliver your organization to the next level. He’s tops in my book!”

— Victoria Provenza

“Very Skilled work with amazingly quick turn around! I highly recommend these services!”

— Evan Thibideaux

“Hard work and diligence has proven MMS to be effective in their work, as I have seen through several digital marketing campaigns with them.”

— Logan Parkerson

“I’ve known John now for over a decade. We met on an nascent ICQ chat room for young web developers quite some time ago, and have been working remotely on freelancing projects ever since. John is a remarkably talented digital marketer and web strategist with deep insights. His consultations have helped me and my teams scale up several commercial grade mobile applications for which I’ve had the pleasure to either co-manage or lead.”

— Martin Erlic
“John has been a true pleasure to work with so far. He is like a long lost brother. He is already at the top of the line for my next project. Always a pleasure working with John, He really knows his stuff! Already planning another project for him. If you are looking for a winner, look no further!”
— Harold B

“John is a bright and energetic developer. John works hard for his clients.”

— Lyle Blount

“John Hampson is an extraordinary individual with brilliant foresight. We have been working on projects together since the fall of 2015. In 2016 we created The Supernal Agency LLC to build creative excellence together in the arts and music industry. Since then we scaled a vast network using our strengths and knowledge combined. John is resourceful and great with problem solving. #portculture”

— Leeaux Leo