I’m a Strategist.

2014 | Received my degree in English Literature & Composition with a concentration in Professional Communication from Louisiana State University in Shreveport in 2014.

2014 – Present | Experience applying web development, search engine optimization, content strategy and brand development for companies ranging from startups to established industry leaders. I develop a strategic marketing plan based on my clients’ most painful problems: cultivating a brand online, assessing and applying dynamic capabilities, and attacking the competition with the power of Big Data.

2014 – Present | Using advanced data analytics and digital marketing strategy, I’ve worked with numerous political candidates to advance their goals within local, state, and national campaigns across the United States.

2015 | Attended MozCon 2015 in Seattle, WA to meet leaders in search engine marketing, where I gained a first-class education on the leading technologies impacting the digital marketing industry today.

2015 – Present | Working with talented artists and musicians, curating events and developing unique products to sell to a handcrafted target audience. By working with a wide range of grassroots and industrial clients, I’ve learned the both the fundamentals of marketing strategy as well as the important role of communications in a project of any size or measure of importance.

My Dream Job Would: Combine my background in content publishing with my wide range of experience in digital marketing to create attractive and compelling websites for amazing companies. For companies with an established online presence, I’d love to analyze the current web properties to discover more efficient processes, as well as innovative methods to develop unique competitive advantages.

Desired Roles:

  • Marketing Strategy Consultant
  • Digital Project Manager
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Web Developer (WordPress, HTML5 preferred)
  • Search Engine Optimizer (On-Page preferred)
  • Search Engine Marketer / Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Copywriter (Web or Print)
  • Content Editor (Web or Print)
  • Social Media Manager

I’ve worked in many capacities on a variety of projects in several industries:

  • 2019 | Applying expert search engine optimization and search engine marketing for mid-sized to large-sized organizations across the United States with eCreations in Phoenix, AZ.
  • 2018 | Provided search engine optimization and project management expertise for a rapidly expanding development firm servicing high-end fashion and technology brands, Vyudu Inc., across the United States.
  • 2018 | Worked as a cyber security analyst for a leading information security services technology firm, Ingalls Information Security, in Bossier City, LA.
  • 2018 | Contracted as a copywriter for a software company specializing in Amazon product research,
  • 2017 | Contracted as a web developer, copywriter, and digital marketing strategist for Digital Logic, a leading digital marketing agency serving medium-sized businesses to large-sized corporate clients across the United States.
  • 2017 | Served as the web developer and marketing strategist for The Fortis Company, a property development company with a diverse portfolio of real estate and health care properties in Texas, Louisiana, & Alabama.
  • 2016 | Contracted as a marketing strategy consultant to help Murals & More of Shreveport establish their online presence with a new website and optimized lead generation strategy via social media & advertisement.
  • 2016 | Contracted as a copywriter for Trindy, a unique social media application that allows users to receive instant feedback on a variety of post types, allowing image comparisons and comments across the globe.
  • 2015 | Served as the lead SEO Strategist and digital project manager for Marketing Depot, managing a live portfolio of approximately 100 medium-sized businesses across a variety of service and product-based industries, while successfully elevating client websites to 1st page Google rankings in Houston, TX.
  • 2015 | Founded the marketing strategy and web development services firm, Metonymy Marketing Strategies, serving the Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA and Shreveport, LA markets.
  • 2015 | Contracted as the web and digital content manager for the Inside Ferguson national book launch. My work included editing the full manuscript and developing a digital marketing strategy for the book launch by planning email, social media, and display advertising campaigns, as well as creating strong website copy.
  • 2015 | Contracted as a digital marketing consultant for international software company Pimsoft Inc. to redevelop their old website into an inbound lead magnet and database of information resources.
  • 2015 | Contracted as a marketing strategy consultant to help Robert McGuire establish his online presence and develop an inbound marketing plan for McGuire Editorial using social, content, and email marketing.
  • 2015 | Co-founded and served as the marketing and operations manager for The Informer Magazine, an infotainment & public records magazine distributed across Northwest Louisiana at over 100 locations.
  • 2015 | Co-founded and still serving as the marketing director for The Supernal Agency, a talent, booking, and promotion agency with members and events in the following cities: Shreveport, LA, New Orleans, LA, Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Little Rock, AR, and Miami, FL.
  • 2015 | Co-founded and still serving as the marketing director and lead strategist for Portculture, an art and music collective with events and unique experiences, including the New Talent Tuesdays series, primarily located in the Third Coast featuring New Orleans, LA, Houston, TX, and Miami, FL.
  • 2015 | Co-founded and still serving as the marketing director for Cvlt Aesthetics, a fashion clothing brand with seasonal collection offerings in both the United States and International markets.
  • 2014 | Served as the technology director for the Campaign to Elect Victoria Provenza for Mayor of Shreveport, LA, incorporating graphic design, web development, content creation and promotion, data analysis, and political strategy to earn our campaign 37% in a runoff election with minimal resources.
  • 2011 | Co-founded and operated as web director and content manager for Shreveport, LA’s very own Heliopolis, an arts & culture magazine, formerly known as The Shreveport Catalyst.

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